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Colours Of The Rainbow Homemade Wind Chime To Make With The Children At Home

Colours Of The Rainbow Homemade Wind Chime To Make With The Children At Home

Posted by Jennifer | May 13, 2020

Have fun making this wonderful craft project, colours of the rainbow wind chime with your children at home. Add a bright splash of colour to your backyard, garden or patio area. It would also make a lovely gift for anyone who has a garden or balcony, and a perfect gift for a family member or someone special.


What you will need:

Wooden sticks

A piece of sandpaper

Acrylic craft paints: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet Craft varnish

Yarn, twine or string

Tiny screw-eyes



1. Select some wooden sticks you have found and make them 8-10 inches in length

2. Take a piece of sandpaper and gently sand smooth each wooden stick

3. With a brush apply two coats of red acrylic craft paint to one wooden stick, repeat with the other colours until all the wooden sticks have been painted and leave to dry.

4. Then with a brush apply a coat of craft varnish to each wooden stick, this will give some protection from the elements outside and the varnish will make all the wooden sticks look bright and vibrate in colour.

5. When the varnish is dry, screw the tiny screw-eye into the end of each wooden stick

6. Tie a long piece of yarn, twine or string through each hook

7. On a long piece of wood, starting on the left-hand side of the wood, attach the red wooden painted stick, leave a 2 inch gap then attach the next colour yellow, repeat until all the wooden painted sticks are attached

8. With a separate piece of yarn, twine or string tie and secure to the centre of the long wooden stick, then select an area to hang where the wind will blow and make natural musical notes in your backyard, garden or patio.


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