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Craft Project For Children To Make A Bird Feeder At Home

Craft Project For Children To Make A Bird Feeder At Home

Posted by Jennifer | June 11, 2020

Heres a wonderful children’s craft project to make at home. Let your children design and hang their own bird feeder which can be simply made from an empty milk carton.

They will make some new bird friends very happy and be able to watch the different bird’s come to feed from their beautiful bird feeder they have created.

List Of Materials 

Milk carton

Craft paint: yellow, blue or green colour

White primer or white paint for plastic

paint brush

A marker pen

Craft knife


Hot glue gun

Glue stick

White glue

Twine, yarn or string


Bird seed


For The Decoration

 Popsicle sticks in bright colours 

Plastic drinking straws

Coloured buttons different sizes

Craft stickers different shapes and colours

Gooley eyes 


1. Paint the empty milk carton with white primer or white spray paint for plastic and leave to dry

2. With a pencil draw the shape of the door and window, making sure there is enough room left at the bottom of the milk carton to hold the bird seed, then cut out the door and window with a craft knife or scissors

3. Paint the milk carton in a bright craft paint colour of your choice and leave to dry

4. Time to be creative and decorate by adding brightly coloured popsicle sticks for a fence, use the brightly coloured different sticker shapes to create window shapes and different patterns, use the marker pen to draw lines and features

5. At the top of the milk carton make two holes to attach the twin, yarn or stringso it can hang. Ad a hole below the window for the perch dowel then add another hole at the back of the milk carton for the dowel to go through to stabilize it

6. From the front hole push the dowel through to the back hole

7. With a piece of twine, yarn or string  thread through the top two holes for hanging and secure tie a knot

8. Add the bird seed inside the bottom of the feeder

9. Hand the feeder in a place where the birds can reach where you can sit and watch them feed.













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