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Have Fun Growing Sunflowers With The Children At Home

Have Fun Growing Sunflowers With The Children At Home

Posted by Jennifer | April 24, 2020

Now the sun is shining, it is now the ideal time to start growing sunflowers with your children at home. Sunflowers are a real favourite plant to grow with the children.They are beautiful, easy to grow, and their height and quick growth will be fun for the children to see, a tiny seed transform into a tall, tall, plant that towers above their head. The children can be directly involved in the planting, potting on, tending and harvesting their sunflower plant. Let your children water and care for their own sunflower, and measure the height of the sunflower as it grows, let them have a sunflower competition between themselves to see which sunflower reaches the tallest height.

Sunflowers are mainly sown from mid-April to the end of May. Sunflowers are annuals, which means they complete their whole life cycle, from germination to seed production, in a space of one year. Sunflowers are brilliant for local wildlife, the flowers are great for the bees and other pollinating insects, and the birds love to eat the seeds.


What you will need


Packet of sunflower seeds

Small plant pots


A trowel

Garden cane

Plant label and pencil


Instructions how to grow sunflowers


Once you have your seeds, some small plant pots, compost, plant labels and a trowel, start by filling each pot two-thirds full with compost then let your children plant two or three seeds in each pot.

Then cover the seeds with a little extra compost , label it and water ,keep your pots on a sunny window sill, in a greenhouse or outdoors and keep watering everyday.

The seed should appear in about a week, when the seedlings are around 10-15cm tall and when the stems begin to look sturdier, choose the strongest looking plant from each pot and then plant out in a sunny sheltered spot of the garden.

As the sunflower begin to grow taller, it will need help to support its stem, by planting a cane near the stem and loosely tying the cane to the plant with string.

Have fun and watch your beautiful sunflowers grow and grow and grow.

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