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Ghost Paper Cup Craft Idea For Halloween

Ghost Paper Cup Craft Idea For Halloween

Posted by Jennifer | October 16, 2021

Here is a simple fun craft activity idea to make with the children for Halloween night. White paper cup ghosts with glowing noses that will light up in the dark. A perfect handmade Halloween decoration that can be placed on a window sill, mantlepiece or at the front of the house on Halloween night. 

You will need :

White paper cups

Black marker pen

A pencil

Flameless tea lights


1. On a white paper cup start to draw the eyes and mouth,with a black marker pen, create a scary funny ghost expression and leave an area for the nose.

2. In the middle of the paper cup with a pencil poke a little hole right between the eyes and mouth.

3. From the inside of the paper cup push a flameless tea light through the hole from inside the cup.

4. Turn the flameless tea light on and watch the ghosts nose glow in the dark.

Happy Halloween !



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