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Halloween Family Fun Knockdown Tin Can Game

Halloween Family Fun Knockdown Tin Can Game

Posted by Jennifer | October 29, 2021

Here is a great knockdown tin can game, perfect for all the family to enjoy fun and play on Halloween night. Stack the decorated tin cans up into a pyramid and knock them down with a bean bags the highest score wins and receives a Halloween treat. Ideal for in a garden or ian indoor space.

You will need:

10 tin cans, clean with no sharp edges

4 bean bags

5 sheets of stickers

2 scorecard sheets 

Cardstock, bright colours

Felt, bright colours

Googly eyes

PVA glue


1. Decorate the tin cans with brightly coloured paper, felts and googly eyes, stick with PVA glue create pumpkin, zombie, mummy, vampire patterns and images.

2. On the back of each tin can place a sticker with a number on it. 

3. On a flat surface stack up the cans in a pyramid, with the patterns and images facing forward and the numbers facing to the back, then keep a certain distance, knock down the cans with the bean bags, use the scoreboards and stickers to record the number of knockdown cans, the highest score is the winner and receives a special Halloween sweet treat.




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