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Homemade Summer Fruits Slushie Recipe

Homemade Summer Fruits Slushie Recipe

Posted by Jennifer | August 8, 2020

Let make slushees, here is a simple summer fruits slushie recipe, so easy to make, refreshing and delicious. A perfect frozen treat, for your children to enjoy and keep cool on those long hot summer days. 

Makes 2


2 tbsp granulated sugar 

2 tsbp boiling water

520g ice cubes 

8 tsbp summer fruits double concentrate cordial or squash


1.In a small jug add the sugar and the boiling water and stir continously until the sugar has completely dissolved. Put to one side to cool.

2. Once the syrup has cooled, add the summer fruits cordial or squash , then pour the ice cubes into the blender. 

3. Add the syrup over the ice and blend until the correct consistency. 

4. Pour into a frozen or chilled glass, add a straw and enjoy.



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