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Let the Kids Get Creative with Bubble Painting

Let the Kids Get Creative with Bubble Painting

Posted by Jennifer | May 6, 2020

Children love bubbles, so let them have lots of fun creating their own imaginative colourful bubble art painting, which will keep them entertained and bring out their creative and artistic side, a super easy bubble painting art project, to do together at home.


What you will need for bubble painting

Plastic cups for each paint colour


Washable watercolour paints: red, yellow, orange, green and blue (these colours can also be mixed together to create other colours) Washing up liquid Water White piece of paper or card stock Glitter and sticker shapes (optional)


How to paint with bubbles

1. Put a protective waterproof tablecloth on your kitchen table and place the piece of white paper or card 2. In each plastic cup add the watercolour paint colour, washing up liquid and water and mix together with a straw 3. Let your children start blowing the bubbles from their straws onto the white piece of paper or card and repeat with different coloured paints, until the paper or card is full of bubble paint imprint patterns 4. When your children have finished their bubble painting they can add the glitter or sticker shapes to the painting which is optional and then leave to dry 5. Their finished bubble painting can be put in a picture frame and hung on the wall at home or they can make a card to give to a family member or friend let them write a message inside the card.


A wonderful fun art activity which all your children will enjoy.



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