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14th February DIY Valentine’s Day Card To Make

14th February DIY Valentine’s Day Card To Make

Posted by Jennifer | February 4, 2022

Here is the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day card, so cute, so simple and easy to make for someone special this Valentine’s Day.

You Will Need:

1 A4 white card-stock 

1 red decorative embossed paper for the heart

1 black Sharpie pen 

1 pencil

1 ruler

1  cutting board


Glue stick or adhesive foam squares

1 white envelope 5 x 5 inch 

Additional if desired:  red satin ribbons, buttons, sequins and decorative craft jewel shapes


1. Put the cutting board on a flat sturdy surface or table. Place the white card-stock on the cutting board.

2.With the ruler and pencil measure and draw a 10 x 5 inch size from the A4 white card-stock.

3. Then cut the card out, fold the card in half and with the ruler and craft knife, score the center line of the card creating a clean fold line.

4. Draw a heart shape with a pencil on the reverse side of the red decorative paper and cut the heart shape out with scissors.

5. To give the heart shape balloon a 3D effect, on the reverse side of the heart stick several foam adhesive squares.

6. With a black Sharpie pen draw a swirly string for the balloon. 

7. Stick the red embossed decorative heart at the top of the your drawn string.

8. You can add more decorative embellishments: red satin ribbon bows, buttons, sequins, jewels, if desired.





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