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5 Essential Cleaning Products To Use In The Kitchen

5 Essential Cleaning Products To Use In The Kitchen

Posted by Jennifer | July 25, 2020

Let gets sparkly clean in the kitchen. Heres our choice of top 5 cleaning products to use in the kitchen.Each product has been selected to help, and make easy clean to your hub of the home the kitchen.

1 .Spontex Microfibre Cloths

Spontex microfibre cloths are long lasting, super absorbent and reusable cloths. They are so soft,  supple and can be used wet or dry. Perfect for wiping up all kind of spills found in the kitchen.These microfibre cloths due to special treatment, can be rinsed through easily helping to keep cloths cleaner for longer.


2. Stardrops The Pink Stuff

The pink stuff cleaning cream paste is a great all round cleaner. The tough mild adhesive paste, is gentle on surfaces but tough on stains. Ideal for cleaning a hob, oven, saucepans, tiles, glass, metals and the sink  in the kitchen. Apply on the surface with a soft cloth or sponge, and gently wipe before rinsing off with clean water, then polish with a clean dry cloth.

3. Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleaner Spray 750ml

Dettol antibacterial surface cleaner spray provides 3 x the protection against bacteria. It kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and removes 90 percent of allergens. There is no fragrance, non bleach and no taint spray so is safe to use where food is prepared. Dettol antibacterial surface cleanser, is a simple and effective way to sanitise most surfaces in your kitchen, including refridgerators, worksurface, chopping boards, cupboards, recyling waste bins, microwave, fridge and sink. 

4. Cif Floor Cleaner Ocean 950 ml

Cif multi purpose floor cleaner will leave your floor a brilliant shine and sparkling clean. Cif tile floor cleaner has a fresh ocean frangrance. Cleans through stubborn dirt and is ideal for linoleum, vinyl and ceramic tiles. Cif ocean floor cleaner with its fresh aqua scent, will leave your floor residue free and sparkling clean. How to use:dilute usage pour 2 caps of Cif  floor cleaner in a half filled bucket of water, mop over the floor surface and theres no need to rinse just leave to dry.

5. Finish Lemon Dishwasher Cleaner 250 ml

To remove day to day grease and limescale that builds up in your dishwasher, and for 100 percent better cleaning for your dishwasher, use Finish lemon dishwasher cleaner. Simple to use and will leave your dishwasher smellimg fresh and sparkly clean. How to use: remove on the sticker , not the cap, with cap closed , place it upside down into a level plate slot on top of the cross bar to prevent cap contact with spray arm. Use when dishwasher empty. Run a minimum 65*C. Fits all dishwashers. Do not add detergent.



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