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Create Your Own Ice Cream Milkshake

Create Your Own Ice Cream Milkshake

Posted by Jennifer | June 30, 2020

Set aside a special treat day afternoon with your children and create your own ice cream milkshake bar.Have lots of fun making together these delicious ice cream milkshakes. Sure To Make everyone happy and smile.


Add a finishing touch by decorating your ice cream milkshake bar A bright coloured tablecloth Streamers, poppers, balloons and bunting Chilled serving glasses Straws Serviettes


Serves 2


Strawberry Ice Cream Milkshake


225g fresh strawberry or optional other fruit of your choice 300ml cold semi skimmed milk

3 large scoops of soft vanilla ice cream Extra strawberries, to serve



Here is how to make a strawberry ice cream milkshake

1. Chill the serving glasses in the fridge or freezer

2. Cut the tops off the fresh strawberries and slice them

3. Put the strawberries, cold milk and soft vanilla ice cream into a blender

4. Blend until smooth

5. Pour into the chilled serving glasses add a straw, add a strawberry to each glass to garnish and whipped cream

6. Serve and enjoy.


To make a variation to this strawberry ice cream milkshake You can add a banana for strawberry banana ice cream milkshake For a mixed berry ice cream milkshake add blueberries, raspberries and blackberries


For Toppings

Add a drizzle of chocolate, toffee, raspberry or strawberry sauce Add whipped cream, glazed cherries, chocolate flakes or sprinkles.

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