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Raspberry Gin & Tonic Recipe

Raspberry Gin & Tonic Recipe

Posted by Jennifer | April 28, 2022

Lets have some good sunshine vibes with this delicious Raspberry Gin & Tonic recipe to make and enjoy at home over the Bank Holiday weekend. Raise a glass and enjoy!

Serves 1 cocktail

(for 2 servings double the ingredients)


57 ml Gin

57 ml Tonic

29 ml raspberry syrup  

142 ml lime juice

1/4 lime, sliced

Fresh raspberries, to garnish

Ice cubes


1. In a cocktail shaker add the raspberry syrup, lime juice and gin and half fill with ice cubes. Cover and shake for a 45 seconds.

2. Strain into a glass tumbler filled with ice cubes, then gently pour tonic over the top and garnish with lime sliced and fresh raspberries. Serve.

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