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Summer Fruit Brulee Recipe

Summer Fruit Brulee Recipe

Posted by Jennifer | May 31, 2018

Here’s a super summer fruit brulee recipe. Simple and easy to make, with a slight seasonal twist with the infusion of soft summer fruits.A light and delicious dessert, perfect to make for the summer season ahead.


1 lb soft summer fruits : strawberries (hulled),raspberries,blackberries,redcurrants,blackcurrant and loganberries.

2 oz caster sugar

5 oz whipping cream

5 oz Greek yogurt

3 oz demerara sugar


1.Place the fruit in a large sauce pan and sprinkle in the caster sugar.Heat gently, until the sugar melts and there is some juice in the pan

2.Put the fruit in to individual ramekin dishes,,and place in the fridge to chill

3.Whip the cream until thick, and then fold in the Greek yogurt

4.Spread the mixture evenly over the chilled fruit,making sure to cover and seal all the fruit underneath

5.A couple of hours before you are ready to serve,sprinkle the demerara sugar evenly over each ramekin dish,then spray lightly with water

6.Use a cook’s blow torch, to caramelise the sugar on top,where it will immediately  start to bubble and melt,the demerara sugar will turn a golden -brown caramel.This will take about 10 minutes to caramelise all the demerara sugar

7.Return to the fridge to cool,the demerara sugar will form a crusty surface.

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