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Create An Easy Easter Egg Card For Your Loved Ones

Create An Easy Easter Egg Card For Your Loved Ones

Posted by Jennifer | April 1, 2021

Say Happy Easter with a handmade card !

A colourful Easter egg card fun idea, for children to make for family and friends at Easter time. A quick and easy DIY Easter creative craft project to enjoy and make together.


You Will Need:

Patterned or decorative papers like wrapping paper, fabric piece swatches, children’s drawings and artwork, creative watercolour paintings or washi tape designs A piece of coloured card A pencil and pen Scissors Glue

Optional: Add coloured ribbons, buttons, sequins to decorate the the front of the card


How To Make:

1. Fold the piece of coloured card in half with the opening of the card to your right.

2. With the pencil draw an Easter egg outline on the front of the card.

3. With scissors cut around and follow the pencil outline of the Easter egg creating an egg shape hole in the front of the card.

4. Cut and insert either the decorative patterned paper, fabric swatch pieces, your children’s drawing or artwork, a creative watercolour painting or washi tape designs and glue inside of the left side of the card so the front of the above is facing out through the cut out egg shape.

5. Optional decorations can be added and glued to the front of the card, like coloured ribbons, buttons and sequins.

6. To finish the card with a pen write Happy Easter x

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