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Create a Rainbow to Display in your Window

Create a Rainbow to Display in your Window

Posted by Jennifer | April 17, 2020

Rainbows are so bright and cheerful so spread some happiness let your children be creative and paint a rainbow picture to stick and display in your window at home to support the wonderful NHS. They will have lots of fun and will love this rainbow sponge painting art activity.


What you will need

 1 Sponge 2 inches x 4 inches long


7 washable paints: red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo and violet White craft card or paper Paintbrush

4 x 1 inch length Sellotape

1 small piece of sponge to create clouds White washable paint Silver glitter, to sprinkle on the white washable paint clouds


What to do

 This sponge painting craft can be messy ,so make an area on suitable protected covered table and make sure the children have an apron on or old clothes.

Place a white piece of card or paper ready on the table.

With the sponge 2 inch x 4 inch on the left hand side of the sponge paint a line of red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo and violet paint across the surface of the sponge.

Use a lot of paint so there is enough to create the arch of the rainbow.

Starting on the left-hand side of the white paper, move the sponge in an arch shape movement to make the rainbow.

If you run out of paint half way ,add more paint as before on the sponge and place the sponge back in the same spot and continue to the right -hand side of arch of rainbow.

With the small piece of sponge ,add the white washable paint with a paintbrush and dab the white clouds on the left and right end of the rainbow and then while the paint is still wet sprinkle the silver glitter over the white clouds.

When the sponge painting rainbow picture is completely dry, place a piece of sellotape in each of the corners of the picture and then position and stick in the centre of the window for all to see. 

Display proudly in your window and next time you’re on a walk count how many rainbows you see. 


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