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‘The Impact Of Compact’ With Stylish Micro Kitchens

At this year’s Salone Del Mobile di Milana 2018,the Japanese Sanwa company, presented ‘the impact of compact’concept,a collection of compact kitchens,with the best cutting edge Japanese technology.The new collection of tiny,modular,multi purpose micro-kitchens,ideal for space saving solutions within the home,were presented at the show.They stand out and have  a Wow factor look,each very different and combining a sophisticated,contemporary and minimalist design style,which is so typical of the Japanese tradition.With design research, from important Italian designer names such as, Alessandro Mendini, Bestelti Associati and Elisa Ossino.

1.The AM 01, by Alessandro Mendini 

Imagine an contemporary free- standing tall cabinet in bold, bright,citrus colours, made of materials of silk-screened glass and stainless that would be suitable in any living space.When opened  the doors reveal a full sizes sink,electric cooktop and overhead shelving.The doors themselves make extra storage for various kitchen items and utensils.

2.The QB 01,by Bestelti Associati

Created to be a kitchen on wheels, and designed to be moved around to any part of the room.A steel frame on wheels surrounds the unit,and contains lots of space- saving features.A wooden cut board covers the retractable sink,an a portable induction hob could be placed inside the kitchen.There is also a small compact fridge and  drawer for cutlery.

3.The EO 01, by Elisa Ossino

Designed to suit lofts,studies,small interiors and for limited spaces.A beautifully designed monochrome block that conceals its function when viewed from the front.With integrated storage pots and a useful magnetic board to put for notes and recipes on.

UK Manufacturer
All our kitchen cabinets are manufactured in our factory in Winsford, Cheshire.

Here at Deelux we manufacture our kitchens in our own factory in Winsford, Cheshire, therefore each unit can be custom made without that hefty bespoke price tag. From design through to installation, we are your helping hand to make this project as stress-free as possible.