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Keep Cool With These 3 Striking Fridges From Smeg

Here are 3 unique focal fridges by Smeg

1.Smeg FAB28RDBB Blackboard Fridge Special Limited Edition.

With a real blackboard surface on the exterior of the fridge,you can write with chalk messages,notes,reminders,so you will never forget even your shopping list ever again.After use, simply wipe the surface clean.

2.Smeg FABRDMC  Multi Colour Special Limited Edition Retro Styled Fridge.

Inspired by the 20th century Dutch artist Piet Mondrian in the style of one of the painters most popular pieces “Large Red Plane ,Yellow,Black,Grey and Blue “So be bold and bring some colour into the kitchen.

3.Smeg 500 Retro Drinks Chiller Exclusive Design.

The Italian car maker Fiat and Smeg kitchen appliance manufacturer collaborated together to create the Smeg 500  retro design chiller.So beep beep!to the coolest of the cool, with this amazing fridge under the bonnet of a car.A real eye catcher both stylish, practical and a unique addition to your kitchen.A great talking point at your next dinner party.   

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