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How To Make An Easter Bunny Card

Simply adorable and cute this Diy Easter bunny card. A perfect craft idea, to make with the children this Easter time and is sure to delight anyone who receives one.

You will need:

White card

pastel coloured papers

patterned pastel coloured papers

small pink pom pom

black marker pen



glue stick


1.On the white piece of card,draw a semi-circle for the bunny’s face and two large bunny shaped ears.

2.Cut out the bunny’s face and the two large bunny’s ears from the white card.

3.Cut out the inside of the bunny’s ears section, from patterned pastel coloured paper.Then glue the inside of the ears onto the large white bunny shaped ears.

4.Bend the top half of the bunny’s ears in half, to give them some extra textural dimension and glue them onto the back of the bunny’s face.

5.Fold the light pastel blue,pink,yellow or green coloured paper of your choice,in half to create the Easter bunny card.Glue the bunny’s face and ears onto the front of the Easter card.

6.Glue a small pink pom pom in the centre of the bunny’s face,and use the black marker to draw in the eyes,mouth and whiskers onto the bunny’s face.

7.To finish off the Easter bunny card,add a special Easter themed message on the inside of the card,for a friend or family member to receive this Easter.

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