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How To Make Your Own Unique Handmade Christmas Baubles This Christmas

Lets get all the family involved this Christmastime,and what better way to have some fun DIY, than making some unique, handmade, colourful Christmas baubles, to brighten and decorate your Christmas tree.You can add any filling of your choice to your bauble.There  are lots of inspiring fillings to chose from,like brightly coloured star confetti,glitter,artificial snow,sequins,coloured sweets,buttons,small pine cones,sprigs of rosemary and pine.Make your Christmas tree bright,sparkling,colourful and festive this Christmas.

To create a colourful confetti star bauble

You will need:

Clear plastic baubles

Coloured confetti stars

1 length of ribbon

clear glue

To make:

1.First open up the bauble and lay the two halves on a flat surface

2.Dab the clear glue to the inner walls of the two halves of the bauble

3.Then carefully shake the coloured confetti stars, into and all around the inside of the two halves of the bauble,making random pretty star patterns

4.Then carefully close together the two halves of the bauble,Secure in place,making sure the notches of the bauble are aligned and positioned at the top,making sure it is securely attached  and tight

5.Then thread the length of ribbon, through the hole at the top of the bauble, at one end of the length of ribbon,tie a knot and secure

6.The finished bauble is now ready to hang on the Christmas tree.

7.Make as many as like to hang on the Christmas tree and have Fun! X

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