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3 Statement Wow Factor Elica Extractors

 Manufactured in Italy for over 30 years Elica cooker hoods are renowned for their outstanding design and performance.Here are 3 superb statement extractors to feast your eyes on.

1.Elica Summilux-SS 50 cm Chandelier Hood

 There are three words to describe the new Elica Summilux-SS 50 cm chandelier hood,Big,Bold and Beautiful !Designed in a stunning, white frosted glass and mirrored chrome finish, the ultimate designer statement piece, to add to a contemporary or classic style kitchen.The design,technology and specifications that the Summilux holds,is of the highest standard to be found in the field of kitchen extractors.

2 .Elica Shining Hood 50 cm –  Copper

Elica Shining hood with its impressive,iconic,lamp-shade silhouette,is certainly at the forefront with its stylish design and very on trend for kitchen decor for 2018.An ideal choice to install within a classic to contemporary or industrial to vintage style kitchen.The Shining hood, is available in four different finishes :copper peltrox, cast iron and rust.The large ceiling light is equipped with LED disc, that is able to light the hob perfectly,making lighting one of its distinctive characteristics of the Shining.All the latest technology and design has been installed into the production of this product.

3. Elica Pearl Hood 80 cm – Pearl White

The Elica Pearl hood 80 cm has a real wow! factor look,with its significant size,perfectly natural formed contour, and beautiful pearl white glass finish.Its an ideal first choice, in large kitchens with spacious islands.The duel function, of being a hood and lamp is a great advantage, the perimeter extraction has high performance,while the rounded shapes and the wide areas of light effectively illuminates over task and work areas, also  creating ambient lighting to diffuse light in the surrounding areas of the room. 

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