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Le Creuset New Limited Edition Ombre’ Collection

Le Creuset is a French manufacturing company famous for its beautiful,durable,long-lasting enamelled cast-iron cookware.Its almost 100 years, since its founding in 1925,in Fresnoy le Grand,France.The new ombre’ cookware collection by Le Creuset,combines their amazing cooking ability,the even cooking,the perfectly sealed lid,and easy clean up.Oven and stove top safe,the Dutch ovens and saucepans are a true showpiece for the kitchen.There are only three pieces,all cast-iron, and are available in three beautiful, fashionable, on-trend  ombre’ shades.The colourful collection,is available in two sizes of the Le Creuset’s signature round Dutch oven,and also in the signature saucepan.The new ombre’ shades are in pink,blue and grey,and each one is fully white at the centre  of the  lid,and then softly graduates down to a darker colour to the base of the pot.Dishwasher safe and holda a lifetime guarantee .The ombre’ cookware collection limited-edition is available until January 2019.

1Pink Ombre’

In a soft,pretty, Millennial pink shade, graduating from the lid in a soft white tone to a vivid deep fushia colour shade at the bottom of the pot.A gorgeous must-have, and the perfect showpiece to be proud of, to add to the room.


2.Blue Ombre’

A soft, powder blue colour shade, at the top from the lid, fades gradually into a bold,bright blue colour at the base of the pot,giving a pop of instant colour to brighten the room.

3.Grey Ombre’

A soft, white colour tone at the top of the lid, fades gradually down through to a deep, sophisticated, neutra, grey colour,perfect to complement any colour scheme in the kitchen.

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