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Frankenstein Punch Recipe For Halloween Night

Frankenstein Punch Recipe For Halloween Night

Posted by Jennifer | October 21, 2021

Here is a an easy and simple to make delicious punch recipe, so Lets get the Halloween party started with this scary, spooky frankenstein punch recipe, perfect to serve everyone on Halloween night.

Serves 6


850g lychees in syrup

9 black grapes

9 green grapes

1 ltr sugar-free ginger beer 

1 ltr sugar-free limeade or lemonade

Green food colouring gel


1. Drain tall he juice from the lychees, then keep the juice to one side

2. Stuff the lychees with the black and green grapes and then divide the lychee eyeballs into the 6 tumblers

3. Pour the ginger beer limeade or lemonade into a large jug. Add a small amount of green food colouring gel to turn the liquid a bright green. Pour into the 6 tumblers over the lychee eyeballs just before serving.

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