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14th February Valentine’s Day DIY Glittery Votive Candle Holders

With 14th February Valentine’s Day fast approaching ,be inspired,create and make your own handmade with love, simply gorgeous Valentine’s Day glittery votive candle holders.Perfect Valentine gift to give and to Light up your Valentine’s Day !

Here are step by step instructions how to make Valentine’s Day votive candle holders.

You will need:

Mason Jars

Spray Paint

Spray Adhesive


Stickers or Self Adhesive Vinyl Letters or Shapes from Craft Shops

Votive or Tea Light Candles or LED Lights

1. Stick your stickers,self adhesive letter or shapes onto your mason jars.Make sure all the edges are firmly pressed down,so no paint will slip underneath the edges

2. Spray the entire jar with a light coat of spray paint .Then leave the jars to dry completely.

3. Once the paint has completely dried,spray the jar with a light coat of spray adhesive,spray the entire jar or small areas.Leave to dry for 5 minutes,then gently sprinkle glitter over the sprayed adhesive areas.Tap the jar gently to shake off excess glitter,then peel off the adhesive sticker,letter or shape.

Now ready to put all your favourite votive candle,tea light or LED light in the jar.

Happy Valentine’s Day x

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